What Things Can Affect The Sound Of A Drum?

July 16, 13 by admin
Whether you are new to drumming or are simply curious about these popular musical instruments, one of the things you may be wondering about is what factors can come into play when it comes to the specific sound that a drum makes. After all, there are different thing that can influence the way a drum sounds. If you are a drummer, knowing what these factors are can help you to make sure that your drumming sounds its best at all times.

One of the biggest influences on the sound of a drum is the force with which it is hit. After all, a soft sound or very loud one can be produced based on this and can affect the overall sound of the drum being played. Furthermore, the room in which the drum is being played can also have a huge influence on the overall sound. For example, a large room with echoes can make a drum sound more robust, while a smaller room may have the opposite effect. As you can see, there are a number of influences that can affect the way a drum sounds, so be sure to keep these in mind the next time you play yours.

Electric Drums Are Different Than Standard Drums.

May 18, 13 by admin
A staple of the 1980s, electric drums are often used in professional recordings. In addition, many people choose electric drums for their convenience and simplicity. Still, traditional drums dominate the music industry. Here are some of the ways that electric drums and standard drums differ.

Electric drums offer flexibility that standard drums cannot match. It is impossible to turn a snare drum into any other type of drum, but electric drums can be configured to sound however their users want them to sound. For experimental bands, this flexibility can be invaluable. Those who are satisfied with traditional drum sounds, however, may prefer them.

Electric drums and standard drums also feel different. As all drummers know, the feel of drumming can influence how drums are played. Electric drums have a considerably harder feel, and rolls and other techniques must be done differently when using them. As a result, many drummers who grew up with standard drums prefer their feel.

For parents of young drummers, electric drums offer a significant advantage: They can be quiet. Those who live in apartments or other places with nearby neighbors may prefer the ability to wear headphones or to turn the volume on the speaker down.

The Bougarabou Drum Is Native To West Africa.

April 03, 13 by admin
The cattle of West Africa have been cared for and herded for thousands of years by the natives of the region. The bougarabou drum, a traditional musical instrument of the area, is always made with calf hide drum heads. The hair is left on the unskinned hide, making the drum friendly to the hand and giving it a richer tone.

Bougarabou drums are instantly recognizable to drum aficionados, both from their appearance and their sound. Bougarabou drums are quite beautiful to look at. They have a characteristic hourglass shape and braided cords that hold the head in tune. These lovely drums have the deep, booming tone that any good drum circle needs as an anchor. They are traditionally used to play the bass melody that holds the circle together. At parties or other performances the drummer has been known to wear metal bracelets so as to add a chiming counterpoint to their playing.

Bougarabou drums are most often played in the standing position, one at a time, using only the hands. However, there have been recent famous examples of people sitting on the drum to play it, tapping out the rhythm with sticks, or playing four or five drums at once.

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What would it cost to replace your home?

January 16, 13 by admin
Homeowner's insurance is the type of insurance policy that will provide homeowners with the money they will need in the event that their houses are destroyed in a disaster. At the time that they are purchasing their policies, they will have the option of purchasing insurance that will offer them the Actual Cash Value (ACV) or the Replacement Value (RV).

Policyholders who choose to accept the ACV will receive the value of their homes at the time that it was destroyed. This means that depreciation would have been factored into the cost. Homeowners who choose to accept the ACV do so to have a policy that will be less expensive. However, they may not have considered what it would cost to replace their homes. Because the amount they will be entitled to receive after their houses are destroyed would be minus depreciation, this amount would fall short of how much they would need to rebuild the house as it was before the destruction.

The alternative is to choose to accept the RV. This will increase the amount they will pay in premiums, but the amount of money they will receive will be enough to cover the replacement cost. They will be able to rebuild the house as it was before the fire or other natural disaster destroyed it.

Everything within the house, of course, will also be destroyed if there is a fire or other disaster. For this reason, homeowners can also insure the contents within the home, including appliances, clothing and other personal items. Homeowners will write an inventory for the belongings that they would like to include in their policies, and these items will be replaced if the home is damaged.

After purchasing a homeowner's insurance policy, homeowners will not need to pay to have their houses rebuilt on their own or need to pay to replace everything that was inside.

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What Were The Purpose Of Drums Used During The Wars?

October 03, 12 by admin
If you are interested in playing the drums, you might be interested in some of the history behind the drum Drums were used in the Civil War as a way of motivating the troops. The drummers were often referred to as field musicians because they played in the field where troops would be camped. The drums used during this time consisted of the bass, the snare and often a cymbal. Field drummers could also be appointed to walk along with the troops and play as a way of helping them to stay in step and stay motivated. This was often done during the Revolutionary War.

The Revolutionary War also had small groups known as fife and drum companies. In some campsites the drummer would begin a beat to rally the company shortly before reveille was sounded. In the early war days, reveille was often sounded through the beating of a drum rather than by the blowing of a trumpet. Drums were also integral parts of Native American life and were used to sound a cry for an impending battle or to cheer in the event of a conquest. The rhythmic beat of the drum used during war times could be heard for great distances which is why it was often used by Native Americans to warn their people of impending battles.If you like what you see, keep going: What brand acoustic drum triggers?

Different Types Of Drums For Different Kinds Of Music.

September 30, 12 by admin
Drums have been an integral part of popular music for decades, providing rhythm support for the melodies that music fans find so satisfying. When creating different types of music, artists will incorporate different types of drums to achieve a singular sound.

Some artists prefer the simple standard drum kit. This includes the large bass drum that usually sits on the floor and is played by the drummer's foot. Music fans can easily recognize the bass drum as it is usually the largest drum in the kit. The kit is completed with snare drums and cymbals. Snare drums produce an aggressive sound that is common in pop and rock music.I was looking for more information and found it here.

Steel drums vary slightly from snare drums, as they can produce melody and rhythm based on where the drummer hits the drum head. Steel drums are commonly associated with music from tropical islands, but can be used in some pop music, such as that of the Beach Boys.

Bongos are a type of drum associated with African music. Unlike standard drum kits, bongos are usually played by hand as opposed to using drumsticks. Bongos are rarely used in pop music.

Those familiar with the concept of a drum circle may be aware of the djembe. This African drum is made of wood and can be played by hand or with sticks.

What Is The Average Price Of A Drum Set?

September 27, 12 by admin
Drum sets come in a variety of different models which contain different components. The price for a set of drums will depend on which components are included. Sets are also available in sizes for children as well as for adults. A basic 5 piece drum set for a child with eight and ten inch mounted toms, a thirteen inch floor tom a snare drum and a bass drum will sell for about two hundred and fifty dollars. This set also includes two high hat cymbals. A three piece drum children's drum set which comes with three drums and one cymbal, retails for about one hundred and fifty dollars.

A five piece drum set for an adult is made with higher quality materials than the children's set so the price is much higher. The average price for an adult set with five drums is about eight hundred dollars. On the low end, people can find sets for as little as five hundred dollars and on the high end, they sell for as much as twelve hundred. Of course the sets will be cheaper if not all five drums are included. People can also find the child and adult drum sets for less when sold as used items.

Drums Consist Of Different Types Of Materials.

September 25, 12 by admin
There are as many different materials used to make drums as there are different drumbeats in different cultures. But, most drum shells are made from four types of wood: Maple, Birch, Mahogany and Basswood are used depending upon the quality and use for the finished product. The stretched membranes over the shells are known as membranophones. Early membranes were made of animal skins, but today, they are most often plastic.

The deeper the shell, the lower the pitch. When one thinks of African and Latin beats, the low thunderous sound of a conga drum comes to mind, or the shallow tinkling sound of a bongo at a beach party. In the Caribbean, we hear the sounds of steel drums, which are made from 55 gallon drums cut in different sizes, then pounding convex notes into the sunken concave surface of the drum.

The high-pitched snare drum is reminiscent of a marching band, and a full set of different sized instruments produces a variety of tones while listening to rock, jazz, big band and other recorded sounds.

Idiophones are another type of percussion instruments. Here the vibrations are made by the instruments themselves. Some examples are cymbols, tamborines, bells and maracas which are similar to rattle drums, shells with pellets inside that are shaken.

Drums Are Played By Using Your Hands Or Sticks.

September 24, 12 by admin
A drum can be played using a number of different items. In fact, many professional drummers use different items when playing to achieve different sounds. When a drum is hit with the inner palm of the hand, it has a softer sound than when it is hit with a blunt object. The bongo drum is a small drum which is usually played by using the palms or fingers of the hands to tap out the beat. Standard drum sets are usually played using the traditional drumsticks they come with. These sticks are usually made of wood and create a very distinct sound when they hit the surface of the drum.

Another type of stick used to play drums is created with a brush on the end. The handles are wood so they are easy to grip. The soft bristles of the brush create a swishing sound when hit against the drum's surface. This is used to create a special effect for certain types of music. Very large bass drums are hit using a large stick with padding on the end. You are probably familiar with the large drum carried by marching bands and have no doubt seen the large sticks used by the drummer to bang against the sides of the drum.If you like what you see, keep going: room less kick drum